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We were sad to leave 488 Main Street in Mahone Bay but we didn't go far!

We had so many lovely retail customers who walked in and shared their vacation stories or talked about their home renovations, home buying and decorating experiences.

We met so many wonderful clients through those doors and that is what will be missed.

We may be home-based at the moment but that doesn't mean you aren't welcome to take a drive up and discuss your project over a great cup of coffee and beautiful views in Upper Cornwall.

Our retail items will be available to see on this site and on Instagram - don't forget to follow us @revivingdesign

Who knows - in the near future we could have a little studio space again  

Reviving Design was established in 2008, specializing in design consulting and small remodel project management services in their hometown area of 1000 Islands, Ontario.

Through diverse opportunities, the business grew to include complete design work and an in-house contracting team for new build and renovation projects.

Since 2018, Reviving Design & Contracting has been proudly located on the beautiful South Shore of Nova Scotia and has continuously grown their team of professionals every year.

They provide full service contracting and design business to the Lunenburg County and beyond. With their combined skills they are able to provide a unique service and have the ability to see the project from both the construction and finishing details side for a cohesive and seamless project.

Located just north of Mahone Bay, clients can expect to meet with Angela either on site or remotely and discuss their upcoming projects whether it be design, build, remodel or decorating and review the product and material samples chosen for their project.

As independent consultants and contractors, they are not limited to specific brands or products and are able to choose from any vendor or supplier that would fit your needs for your custom project.

Having a millwork specialist in-house for any custom woodworking projects and pieces, as well as being able to take it to the final phase of decorating sets them apart with these niche offerings.

Business is very important to the team at Reviving Design and they believe being professional and detail-oriented are key to a successful relationship with the client and the project outcome.


Angela Jay, owner
project manager & design consultant

Angela's previous experience was 15 years project management and a logistics background, which allows her to carry those skills forward on her clients' projects. As a project manager for her own business for 16 years, she has known to be hands-on and understands the construction phase as much as the finishing details.

She offers floorplan drawings and 3D renderings for her clients, which allows them to see the transformation before the job begins. Her passion is reconfiguring interior spaces in an existing dwelling for better function and flow. 

Her signature design is creating a unique space with old and new elements of decor. 


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