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If you are thinking about investing in real estate and looking for assistance with execution, Reviving Design is looking for a joint venture to partner in real estate investment opportunities.

We believe it takes a team to produce a turn-key property and produce the maximum return. 

Dear Angela,

Wow, what a difference in our Cottage on Whitefish Lake. It has been transformed into a superb property for both our family and friends, and to those looking to rent it short term for vacations.

When we first met I was wondering what “cosmetic” work we could do to put it on the market for renters.  And am I glad we had that discussion and visited the cottage.

Yes, we decided to do more than I expected (like redesign the kitchen, change the flooring, and get rid of “old stuff”) but it is paying off big time now.

You know, I wasn’t going to get anyone to help us with the design, but I saw a recommendation by someone else, with photos, and I thought:  “wouldn’t it be great to get someone to advise us on what to do, rather than have family members debate and hopefully come to a consensus.”

As you know, there were still lots of opinions floating around, along with disagreements here and there.  But there sure is consensus on the finished product - nothing but good comments.

Our first vacation renters arrived just a few days ago and they are so impressed.  They were looking for a suitable place for their two families and felt that nothing seemed to fit well with them.  Then, just two days after our property, Hummingbird Haven, was posted online, they booked it.  What a relief to me!

I have only one regret; why didn’t I let you project manage the renovations and improvements from the very beginning??  I would have saved a great deal on time (aka money), there would have been much better supervision of the work being done, and I would rid myself of the stress along the way.

Still, this has been a great experience, and the end product is something we are very proud of.

Thank you, Angela, for looking after us so professionally; and for sharing your creativity with us in the big and little things that make Hummingbird Haven a real hit for our family and for the people that are now lining up to vacation there.



Donald G. Farnsworth

I hired Angela and her team to help with our small rental on the ocean. Thankfully no major construction was needed and only some cosmetic upgrades were made. She worked with a lot of the furniture we had to keep costs at a minimal. She changed the paint colour, flooring, lighting and updated the kitchen and bathroom. I was so impressed on how easy it seemed to purchase all the bedding, curtains, accessories in such a short amount of time. She was able to provide all the needed items like dishes, cutlery,  small appliances, all the linens and even board games...which I never thought of providing. It was a real treat to have Reviving Design work on this project. I would recommend calling Angela if you want to have your vacation rental set up properly....and not to mention, beautifully done!

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Turning a short term investment into profit takes a team of skilled people and a strategic plan. Experience with budgeting and quick timelines,  our team can project manage and execute the work to turn a property into a smart investment. With our real estate marketing knowledge, we are able to recognize buyer trends, design trends, highlight the architectural features of the property and prioritize the remodel to get the most ROI from the budget. Also on our internal team is a certified home stager to showcase the property at its maximum potential so buyers can visualize themselves in the space.   

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this is what Don had to say about our work on his vacation rental

With all the above still a factor for vacation rental properties, Reviving Design has experience creating fully equipped vacation rentals. The planning budget would consist of contracting, furniture & accessories and amenities. This includes the project management on the renovation, purchasing furniture and accessories to furnish the rental and shopping for all the amenities needed for a fully operational rental. (bedding, linens, dishes, cutlery, etc.) Everything would be set up ready for your first rental guests!

Professional photography is also included as a service we offer as we know the importance of quality photos on the renting listing. 

this is what Natalie had to say about our work on her AirBnB 

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